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Dua creates  dramatic volume for an elongated and dense look, making these lashes the ultimate in fluttery fierceness.


Category: Dramatic

Style: Medium to Full

Type: Dense

Fibers: Synthetic Hair


  • Super-soft feel
  • Reusable-average 10-15 applications
  • Wearable for every day
  • Perfect fit for those with a lot of lid space
  • Cruelty-free
Additional information
Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in
Reviews (7)
  1. Tara

    Absolutely gorgeous lashes! Light weight and easy to apply!

  2. Anela

    Love love loveeee it… absolutely gorgeous and light weight. Thumbs up!

  3. Enida

    Stunning lashes! Look amazing.

  4. Elmina Mrkulic

    Quality lashes with beautiful style. They’re so wispy and LIGHT on my eyes. I’m so happy that I’m finally able to customize a lash to my eye without having it look wonky. Love!

  5. Besarta Binakaj

    Beautiful, easy to use and very convenient! ?

  6. Ana Elmasllari

    I purchased the Zana Lashes and I must say I love them! They’re so easy to apply and they look so natural and beautiful on.

    One thing that I want to point out that I love is the packaging and the quality of it! It is amazing and it’s so easy for me to throw my lashes back in there to reuse. I’ve bought other lash brands where I want to save my lashes but I just throw the packaging bc it’s such poor quality and then I don’t have a place where to put the lashes back in to save them.
    I’ve reused the same lashes on myself so many times. I am definitely going to try DUA and ALIZA. I LOVE THIS BRAND!

  7. meritadedaj

    I bought all 3 eye lashes twice just because their so good very easy to put on and I love how it’s broken up into 3 pieces because I have the worst experience putting eye lashes on but these are life it’s so easy to put on and U can re use them more then once. They are so comfortable and I highly recommend these eye lashes to everyone

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